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The invitation often comes in a gold envelope and is slipped discreetly under your door, or propped up on your pillow. "Captain Smith would be.
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This letter should be mailed or faxed to the cruise line in advance of your trip.

What to Wear if Invited to Captain's Table?

Arrive on board early and participate in any meet-and-greet events. Introduce yourself to the staff and be friendly to the director. Enroll in the cruise line's frequent travelers club. Sometimes, a cruise line will offer special perks to repeat customers. Be lucky.

Sometimes it's a matter of luck whether or not you are invited to the Captain's Table. Your cruise line may leave it up to the captain or cruise director who gets invited.

How to get invited to the Captain’s Table

Mimi Bullock's writing reflects her love of traveling the back roads of small towns and sampling the local cuisine. As a regular feature writer for "Southern Hospitality Traveler" and journalist for "Beachin' Magazine," she gets to experience the rich heritage of the southern culture. She is also a licensed cosmetologist who has her own skin care line. Paradise Carnival Cruise Ship Activities.

How to Confirm a Flight on Frontier Airlines.

Oh, Captain! – Dining at that table is a great honor… and, for some of us, a challenge.

Share on Facebook. Step 1 Book a premium room through a travel agent. I think that it is really great from Celebrity to make a special event like this for those very lucky passengers. This is a question that many cruise passengers always wonder. He said that for this evenings table guests, he asked the dining room managers for happy couples especially from Australia and they recommended the chosen ones.

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Tonight we are having dinner at The Captains Table. Day 75 — May 17th.

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The invitation kindly asked us if we could reply if we would be interested or not… We had to have some serious discussions whether or not we should go… Only kidding, I picked up the phone and said we would be delighted to attend the dinner with Zafer. Facebook Comments. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

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