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The largest wildlife trafficking-related prosecutorial sweep in the Central District of California has resulted in 16 individuals being charged in a few months. The vast variety of protected species include live birds, reptiles, fish, corals, and a tiger. Photo caption: King cobras were smuggled in potato chips cans. This was just one of the many unusual ways that wildlife was smuggled. Nael Ali admitted to selling Native American-style jewelry that was actually made in the Philippines.

Photo caption: Just a sampling of the fraudulent items seized during the investigation. The subject was charged with three counts of stalking. He pleaded not guilty. Photo caption: Service special agents, with assistance from the U. Postal Inspection Service, investigated this case.

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William Sheldon, Timothy Lewis, and Charles Good pleaded guilty in federal court to trafficking American juvenile glass eels and violating the Lacey Act. A Chinese national admitted to smuggling live snakes falsely declared as "Belts, Candy, and Chocolate" and also by concealing them in his socks. Photo caption: A ball python seized from the smuggler. Photo caption: White-tailed deer may carry chronic wasting disease; therefore, it is vital that deer are not illegally transported across state lines. Credit: USDA. Three separate rhinoceros horn traffickers were prosecuted.

One defendant received two years in prison. The other two will be sentenced before the end of the year. Three subjects and two companies were indicted for smuggling protected live corals that were taken directly from sensitive reefs.

Part II - Self-Deception in Politics

Photo caption: One of the many live corals seized during the investigation. A former Canadian Mountie smuggled over narwhal ivory tusks from Canada into the U. Photo caption: These narwhal tusks were seized during the investigation. Narwhal tusks can grow to almost 9 feet in length. S and international laws.

Photo caption: Rosewood trees are indigenous to Peru. The tiger cub was seized from a vehicle that tried to cross into the U.

Ross Willmott - Richard III, Cardinal Wolsey an unlikely connection?

In addition to creating false records and making false statements to cover their illegal actions, they were also charged with poisoning wolves using bait stations laced with a toxic substance. Photo caption: Dall sheep were illegally hunted. Photo of evidence seized from the defendants during the investigation.

Photo caption: A piece of Ricordea illegally taken from waters around Puerto Rico and seized during the investigation. As an enforcement tool, Service special agents in Alaska monitor walrus haul-outs by use of field cameras. Photo caption: A juvenile bald eagle. Live king cobras, and other live reptiles, were smuggled between the U.

A Chinese national allegedly ran a crime ring that smuggled elephant ivory, rhinoceros horn, and coral.

Richard III, Cardinal Wolsey an unlikely connection?

Photo caption: A carved piece of ivory seized during the investigation. Photo caption: The photographer stated, "I placed the body parts on this specially hand painted backdrop to create a sense of dignity for the objects and pay respect to the animals that lose their lives in the name of status, greed and superstition.

More Information. Trey Joseph Frederick was sentenced to 11 months of incarceration for using an assault rifle to hunt from a roadway. In October of , he was sentenced for killing two whooping cranes. Photo caption: Whooping cranes are listed as an endangered species. Over 1, vehicles were inspected.

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Allen H. Thacker shot a bald eagle than ran it over with his ATV. Photo caption: The eagle was first shot with a. He poured a highly toxic poison on sheep carcasses to control predators, particularly birds of prey. Photo caption: A red-tailed hawk carcass discovered dead during the investigation, lying next to sheep carcasses laced with the restricted use pesticide Carbofuran trade name Furadan.

The report highlights OLE's accomplishments during the fiscal year. Photo caption: Cover photo of the Report - a green sea turtle grazing seagrass. Credit: P. OLE assisted Nepal with their burn of over 4, wildlife products.

Praying Mantises - The Kung Fu Killers of the Insect Kingdom

OLE provided IT technology and forensic science support in addition to assisting with the logistics and security protocols. Photo caption: Rhino horns were destroyed during the burn. An Anchorage man admitted to smuggling endangered, protected and threatened birds.

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Photo caption: A taxidermied Faroe eider was smuggled into the U. Nearly protected Asian songbirds were discovered in the man's luggage.

Almost all of the birds died in transit, or soon after arrival. Photo caption: Almost protected birds were inhumanely packed into suitcases so that they had little to no movement. The goal of the meeting was to strategize innovative ways to investigate natural resource crime in the U.

In addition, state wildlife law enforcement program leaders attended the State Chiefs Leadership Academy. The subjects illegally took 68 alligator snapping turtles from Texas and transported them to Louisiana in violation of the Lacey Act.

Download PDF The Grey Cardinal Part 3 (Investigation + Deception)

Photo caption: This alligator snapping turtle was removed from one of the ponds during the execution of a search warrant. They are designated as threatened with statewide extinction under Texas state law. A couple attempted to smuggle Fischer's lovebirds into the U. Photo caption: Internationally protected Fischer's lovebirds seized after attempting to be smuggled into the U. This multi-jurisdictional operation has resulted in two Maine men being indicted for illegally trafficking American eels.

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  • Photo caption: American eels are being poached to meet international demands. A Bowie, Texas man pleaded guilty to unlawfully spreading poisoned corn over his farm that resulted the death of migratory birds. Photo caption: Investigating cases that involve the unlawful use of poisons is hazardous. The photo shows the special agent wearing a protective suit while investigating this case. Jonathan Benson was charged in a three-count indictment for allegedly selling two falsely labelled Gila monsters, two prairie rattlesnakes, two tiger rattlesnakes, and one speckled rattlesnake in interstate commerce.

    Photo caption: A Gila monster.