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(Cults and Isms Book 6).pdf The conclusions drawn in this ebook about Jehovah's Witnesses are based on information made available and every effort has.
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Or to put it another way — if 2. This is why religion will always be, not unquestionable truth, but a choice. Anyone who tries to take this right away from you should feel ashamed of themselves. But this does not mean that I, as a writer and speaker, must skirt around scientific fact and scholarly consensus as though these things are irrelevant or somehow taboo. I am allowed to tell it like it is, and leave you to decide for yourself what to do with the information.

The wonderful thing about the scientific method of establishing facts based on evidence is that views and conclusions can change as new evidence is presented. Religious fundamentalism, on the other hand, is the very embodiment of dogmatism.

It is the unyielding insistence that something is true and can only ever be true because an unquestionable sacred text says so. Speaking for myself, I can offer no apologies for instead basing what I say on evidence, and on what people who are vastly more knowledgeable than me have to say about the bible and other issues. What you choose to do with the information will always be up to you.

Absoulately anything is honesty:- x. Unfortunately there is only a minute-summary on youtube, but the full debate is really interesting. John Lennox is a great example of someone who manages to believe in God without denying science, i. Add dozens of other false claims and false prophesies to this list and it becomes obvious that many Watchtower teachings are total nonsense. At the end of his second book, Raymond Franz made several observations concerning his search for Christian freedom. Unfortunately, Mr. Franz was unable to find any religious organization that was totally in agreement with the Bible.

That truth is not only in the words themselves but primarily in the revelation they bring us of God and of his son. O God!!! One is much more than enuff!!! Neal Krouni. How can it be a gift when so many have it snatched away from them at a very young age, sometimes even before they are born. Thanks for the thought , I will remember it and use it. Dear Cedars, Many thanks for your recent thoughts on religious neutrality.

Dr Billy Graham once said that religion can be like an inoculation. It can stop you from getting the real thing. My experience is quite different from yours. I chose not to remain in a spiritual vacuum but exchanged one set of beliefs for another. I am surprised that kingdom halls are not built with revolving doors.

What they cannot tolerate is people who discover a belief in the real Jesus, rather like the Jewish authorities in Acts who tried to stop the early disciples from sharing the good news.

What Jehovah’s Witnesses Believe

I proved that recently when I was banned from talking with them in Dover market square because I suggested that you could pray to Jesus. Yes, I recognise that I may be preaching but I do believe it is important to present an alternative view.

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If you find you are in possession of counterfeit money, do you try to pass it off for the real thing or do you exchange it for the genuine? God bless, James. And of such a vile nature, if carried out today the.

Accepting science

In practice, hatred and vengeance were the order of the day. Enemies were destroyed down to the last child.

Reviewing the "Shepherd" Book (2/3) with Mark O'Donnell - Child Abuse Chapter

The Bible is such a rag bag of conflicting ideas, it could not possibly be the product of a supreme intellect. You and some other persons who own your Internet Sites are entitled to bar persons from further comments on the subject of evolution or any other subject of disagreement but what may this demonstrate?

It demonstrates perhaps a sort of tyranny or fear of strongly backed up reasons or a very reasoned presentation for their positions. You do remind me of the same position that the very organization you oppose.

Paganism: Out of the Shadows

Of course, you remind me of their reasons they say beware of apostasy you say beware of evangelizers!! That is because if such evidence existed, it would make headline news around the world and the discoverer would likely receive a Nobel prize. On the rare occasion that a religious fundamentalist has spouted anti-science ignorance against evolution on this website, especially when I work so hard to keep my articles free of any such nonsense, I make no apologies for taking their commenting privileges away from them. It is just keeping this website factual, evidence-based and free from inherited dogma, mental flatulence and evangelical graffiti.

I tried to look on your site for evidence that you feel supports Evolution as being a fact. I could not find any unless I am looking in the wrong place I would appreciate any reference, something very specific that I can look up, something easily available. A particular fact, statement etc. Thank you. Go out and do some research. To me this demonstrates need to survive. This is in stark contrast to the supposed thought-out and kind creation of humans and animals that all get along.

Full text of "Jehovah's Witnesses Four Parts, Dr. Walter Martin, Cult/Occult"

In reality, some poor animal the young or the ill usually has to be painfully torn to shreds so that another species up the food-chain survives. If we accept the JW teaching that jesus is not God, but the son of God. Good point Ted. I would rather be stuck questioning than be stuck dogmatising. Evolution is a fact because majority of biologists accept it as a fact. Because of tons of arguments in favor of evolution?

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If it is true why are there many scenarios how and where life evolved? Why there are disagreement about who are our ancestors, how this and that form evolved and when they evolved? Evolutionists are good in story telling, so is Cedars. Bible believers are deluded, but anti-theists in gloves are objective! That is why my comment could be deleted again! Thank you Cedars for not coercing Christians to ditch their belief in God entirely!!! Yes, you could be shy theist, but only secularism can be preached. This is the greatest form of freedom and free speech.

But it's an open conference, anyone can register. He knows how vulnerable and justifiably paranoid some of the traumatised visitors are. Some don't even wear their name tag. Today you'll mainly find non-believers among the wide bunch of therapists, academics and experts, many of them with their own cult history, who offer help, information and workshops for leavers from various international groups and connect them with a support network.

This year, their conference is hosted by the University of Salford which offers a postgraduate course in the psychology of coercive control.

A few of the masters students are here, overcoming their own cult trauma with academic research. The upcoming speakers are lecturers, some are activists or survivors - or all of the above. Speaking of Scientology, someone points out a lanky guy carrying manila folders to me who is a legend among the cult busters: author Jon Atack has been consulted in law suits against Scientology and was sued by them eight times.

Now he's at the helm of the Open Minds Foundation, an international think tank that wants to proof society against undue influence. Some of the proofing and healing was done before we started: a daylong workshop offered only to former members of "high-control groups" - a description that is more fitting these days than the controversial word "cult" which is often just associated with Charles Manson or the Jonestown massacre. Eichel is even thinking of replacing the "c"-word in the organisation's name with "coercion". The entrance to a Scientology Centre.