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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. The author, Robert Hostetler, is a year military veteran.
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This universal responsibility is the real key to human survival. It is indeed the best foundation for peace. The purpose of religion is to cultivate positive human qualities like love, harmony, tolerance and peace. This obviously is in line with the Golden rule of Love your neighbor the way you would want to be loved.

A Cultural Strategy for Global Peace and Prosperity

In my country, this has for a very long time been our role, that of providing love and service to benefit our fellow Nigerians. The people of Nigeria live in a country that is multicultural and multi-faith, a diversity that was our strength, beauty and national pride. Unfortunately the age of materialism and greed has long taken over our minds, and consequently, we can see that there is something seriously wrong with our current value system.

Materialism and greed has led to gross inequality; and eroded our personal well-being. We have immense responsibility as human beings to ensure that we build communities of harmony, tolerance and love. Peace education is very important for the education and enlightenment of the people.

Peace education right from the home, the places of worship to the school. We need to train, educate and teach the different tribes, religions, age groups and the youth the importance of mutual co-existence, religious harmony and interfaith dialogue. The high school curriculum should include peace education.

Ideally, it should be from the basic to tertiary level so as to engage youth, who form the majority of the population and utilize their energies to promote interfaith dialogue and understanding. The use of this book will empower youth leaders to shape society that is free from discrimination, bias and religious fundamentalism. It will deepen personal connections, promote harmonious living, build understanding, good will and a sense of community. The role of youth in curbing terrorism is by promoting mutual understanding, religious tolerance, and inter religious dialogue.

This will sensitize the local community for the promotion of a culture of peace, justice, interfaith, intercultural harmony, healing and reconciliation. These conflicts take place in Northern Nigeria where education is seriously lacking and in an area with a high population growth. A Poem: Humankind Tapestry. Woven wraps of clay colours,.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Woven in the beginning,. Woven as pilgrim. Pouring forth humanity like an unending spring. Pouring forth sunshine into the depth of minds. Woven as thunders of harmony broken into souls. Woven souls turning swords into ploughshares. Woven as human.

In the name of God the Compassionate the Merciful

Pouring forth inner and outer disarmament to sanctify all souls laughing with the sun. Today, falling every season like autumn long grown dead. All hurrying to shatters in a deep storm, Bereaved.

Dawn of a New World Quest for World Peace and Prosperity

Ayo Ayoola-Amale , Catholic faith,. Poet, Writer, Lawyer,.

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Address : Accra , Ghana and Nigeria. Bruce L. Personal Examples of Interfaith Harmony.

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I was fortunate to be born into an interfaith situation. Today in the USA international cooperation is emerging from a dim awareness in the public mind of the past, and a still more dim view when it came to accepting beliefs other than Christian.

However, strong movements are now forming in which each of the religious faiths leans forward to others in deliberate efforts to transcend differences. I would like to give two interfaith examples from my personal experience:. Then, in , Elgin Cooperative Ministries was formed. Today it has become an inclusive interfaith group called the Elgin Coalition of Elgin Religious Leaders. Its membership is made up of clergy ordained , rabbis, imams and lay religious leaders: 77 congregations and sixteen friends. As recently as , the group met monthly. More recently, I was pleased to learn that my brother, Greg Cook, helped to found an interfaith group in his home town called the Muslim Christian Group, which is notable in its willingness to confront controversial differences that exist after and other disturbing events.

As an example of their progress, they have scheduled a 3rd January meeting to discuss Jihad. From their website, walv. The present facility of 14, square feet is insufficient to accommodate the rapid growth of the community. An expansion plan to increase the size of the facility is in progress. Phase I of expansion was completed in with addition of 80 parking spaces. Planning for phase II of expansion is in progress which includes construction of new elementary school and gymnasium.

MALV offers the five daily prayers, and weekly halaka religious education for brothers and sisters year around. MALV also has monthly family dinners with invited guest speakers, an annual fun fair, and various youth programs. MALV maintains strong ties with other religious groups and participates in interfaith activities, community service programs and other social events. It is democratically governed by eight elected members of the Board of Trustees and eight elected members of the Executive Committee.

Cook , Ph. Publisher and Editor. President, World Writers Resources, Inc.

Address : Grandview Ct. Glenn T. On My Multi-faith Religious Experience. My parents brought us up as kids in a northern Baptist church. And I have occasionally given the sermon talk at the UU church near here, having long understood the unity of all the faiths and the deeper spirituality underlying them. Locally, a few years back, I meditated with the New River Zen Buddhist Community for four years, exploring the deeper spirituality behind all the faiths, and I have worked closely politically with the progressive local people from the Catholic, Methodist, and Presbyterian churches in this area.

I have also published articles and written about the spiritual essence of all the religions, especially in my book, Millennium Dawn , which resulted from my study of mysticism in all faiths. Hence, I do not affiliate with any particular faith.

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  • In our family life, we practice rituals from several different faiths, especially, Christian, Jewish, and Buddhist. Glen T. Martin , Multi-faith,. President, World Constitution and Parliament Assoc. Address : Radford , USA. Laj Utreja. A Brief Description. Founded in , the Interfaith Mission Service IMS is a unique and successful experiment in building a beloved community — a place of religious acceptance, racial harmony and justice.

    Its core objectives are responding to human needs and promoting acceptance through education and action. Member congregations take ownership of IMS programs, which provide a way for citizens to come together for service, fellowship and dialog. During the turbulent s and s in Huntsville , white churches barred black families from attending. In this soil of oppression — a most unlikely place for interfaith cooperation — eight Christian and Jewish congregations began to plant the seeds of racial and religious respect.

    As a product of the civil rights era, IMS member congregations chose to take unpopular and at times risky stands to follow a dream of interfaith cooperation in the face of racial tyranny. What we present in this article is their story. In a world characterized by technological advances, increased migration, an interdependent ecology and a global economy, we believe that unity and interfaith cooperation have never been more crucial.

    As we face the challenges of the 21 st century, IMS has a story to tell to a fragmented world that needs to hear it. We are grateful for your consideration of our proposal. The Journey. Nine congregations — Christian and Jewish -- joined hands to create an interfaith partnership that extended beyond the capability of any single congregation. Three decades later, IMS has more than 50 member congregations who continue to promote religious, racial and cultural harmony, and to respond to human needs. Martin Luther King, Jr. Many are high-tech workers employed by government, business and academia.

    This highly educated and diverse community has influenced the life of the area by insisting that inclusiveness and respect are essential in maintaining harmony in the community. And, from a practical standpoint, this harmony-in-diversity can become the mechanism for improving the quality of life and for sustaining and attracting new business. The IMS programs that derive from these beliefs are highlighted below. Interfaith Dialogue.