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I just got finished playing Animal Jam's seasonal adventure: Lucky Clovers. At the end of the adventure I had the Epic Key. I go to the chest, and to my.
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My AJ is Huni. Loading editor. Edited by Qizoom , July 18, More History. Save changes Preview Cancel. Edited by Mooziq , January 17, Alternatively, maybe they will shift back the Spring Festival release until March Yeah thats why i thought it was today.

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Well i don't think it would be logic tbh cuz spring festival is mostly in april and if theres only 7 days between lucky clovers and the spring festival its kinda weird but maybe they will do both? Or its just lucky clovers on march 28 and spring festival just on april like normally.

I haven't seen a Sultai Adventure deck yet and I really love [[Saheeli, Sublime Artificer]] as far as synergies go with adventure cards and [[Lucky Clover]]. Just finished Traditional Standard Event at Still looking for good SB recommendations.

The deck can become a mill deck as well with [[Masterful Replication]] and [[Merfolk Secretkeeper]] with the right setup. This looks like a fun deck!

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Mana intensive, but sure to burst through a stalled game. Oh wow I didn't even think of Rampage. Search your library for a basic land card, put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle your library.

Beanstalk Giant's power and toughness are each equal to the number of lands you control. Reaper of Night.

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Creature — Specter. Harvest Fear. Whenever Reaper of Night attacks, if defending player has two or fewer cards in hand, it gains flying until end of turn.

LUCKY CLOVER IS SO FUN!! Sultai Lucky Clover Adventures - Throne of Eldraine - MTG Arena

Basic Land — Swamp. Temple of Malady. Temple of Malady enters the battlefield tapped. Overgrown Tomb. Land — Swamp Forest.

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Fabled Passage. Then if you control four or more lands, untap that land. Basic Land — Forest.

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