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Anticipate provides business readers with a practical how-to approach for taking their customer-supplier relationship to one that is more sustainable and more mutually profitable.
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Joel Osteen. Max Lucado. Mitch Albom.

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Anticipate : knowing what customers need before they do

Quantity: Minimum Order: 25 copies per title Must be purchased in multiples of 25 copies. List Price:. Publisher Identifier:. Retail Price:. Overview Design and implement the ideal customer focus Anticipate provides business readers with a practical how-to approach for taking their customer-supplierrelationship to one that is more sustainable and more mutuallyprofitable.

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Order with multiple titles may receive several packages to fill the entire order. Check and wire-transfer payments are available offline through Customer Service. Choose Options. Antigone - ISBN: Learn More. You Buy Books. We Plant Trees. The iPhone did not receive many major changes other than a slightly longer design and a few tweaks to the camera and display features.

Regardless of the number of changes, consumers will still likely meet a few bumps in the road while getting acquainted with their new devices or operating systems. Customer service agents need to be ready for an influx of customer queries like:.

How do I go back to my old iOS? Support centers are already preparing for these questions before they are even asked. But how can call centers know what customers will have trouble with before the product has even launched? These predictions are possible with artificial intelligence AI and predictive analytics. By taking into consideration previous product launches and system upgrades, these two intelligent technologies assist carriers, customer support and retailers to come up with solutions long before concerns from consumers arise.

8 Ways to Anticipate Your Customer’s Needs [Infographic]

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, for example, Samsung used AI to collect information about the spreading concern about the device overheating. This AI technology gives customer support the upper hand in preparing responses by informing them of the issue before it became a front-page headline.

Not only does AI assist in customer support, its digital tools are available to customers to drive the self-support movement.

Through portable computers, smartphones and tablets, we have witnessed the power of intelligent chatbots—digital customer agents—that guide consumers to online content and materials through a self-support journey involving FAQs, product guides, spec sheets, tutorials and videos. These digital materials help consumers to solve their own issues without needing to call customer support agents.

Predictive analytics give companies the advantage in collecting and assessing prior consumer concerns through machine learning during events such as product launches and software updates, which prepares agents for upcoming releases that will bring in a vast number of questions. This method of prediction and computer intelligence validates how far technology can go to assist customer support agents and call centers by providing the solutions before consumers even experience a problem.

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Customers usually shudder at the idea of calling agents because they know they will be put on hold, and the wait can be too long to handle or can sometimes end with no solution for the problem the customer is having. With AI technologies, support materials are also available to customer agents, to guide them to the answers customers need and want. Devices are all around us, and questions for them are usually their permanent companions. Call centers are pushing to provide solutions to customers quickly and efficiently, and customers are expecting rapid solutions. Effective and positive customer service builds the brand loyalty companies want, period.

Carriers, manufacturers and retailers are benefiting from AI and predictive analytics. Both customer support agents and customers are experiencing a more enjoyable journey as the latest devices and software updates to reach the market, because of these intelligent tools. Your email address will not be published.

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